2017 Championship

2017 Championship

2018 Arizona Wine Poker Tour League (AWPT)

 Points as of October, 2018  NQ:   Not Eligible for point money or championship

Points as of October, 2018
NQ: Not Eligible for point money or championship

- Game is no-limit Texas Hold’em
- $40 entry fee
 - 5,000 Tournament Chips (T)
 - All players arriving 15 minute prior to the stated start time will receive an additional 1,000T
If you bring at least 2 $5 bills as part of your buy-in you will receive an additional 500T
- One re-entry/re-buy 8,000T for $40 up to the end of the 4th blind.
  - Must have 2,500T or less to re-buy (or relinquish your chips)
  - Must have no chips to re-enter (re-entry the player can change table and/or wait until the end of the 4th blind)
- Field size- limited to 18 players (If we have a low number of response within a week of the game we may cap the game at one table to avoid having two short tables)
- Cash game: Once the table combine we will open a cash game for the player that want to stay.  Player can decide on the stake and the game to be played.
- Food:  This is a friendly game put together by people who enjoy food and wine and it is expected you will bring some food and/or drinks.  If you can’t or won’t, please find another game
- Responding to the Invitation (from Punchbowl) is required (for planning purposes).  YES/NO/LATER

AWPT Tournament Rules

- Players are expected to protect their hands, make their intentions clear, follow the action, act in turn with proper terminology and gestures, defend their right to act, keep cards visible, keep chips correctly stacked, remain at the table with a live hand, table all cards properly when competing at showdown, speak up if they see a mistake being made, call for a clock when warranted, transfer tables promptly, follow one player to a hand, know and comply with the rules, follow proper etiquette, and generally contribute to an orderly tournament.
- If there are players waiting for an opening and you are late, they will get your seat unless you called ahead
- Player not present start being blinded-out for the first 4 blind levels and eliminated if not present.  Chips will be taken off the table.
- Round Times 18 minutes/10 min breaks every 4 blinds

Rules (Summary)
- Standard tournament rules will apply
- The amount of the big blind is the minimum bet during any subsequent round
- Official betting terms are simple, unmistakable, time-honored declarations: bet, raise, call, fold, check, all-in.  Also, players must use gestures with caution when facing action; tapping the table is a check. It is the responsibility of players to make their intentions clear: using non-standard terms or gestures is at player’s risk and may result in a ruling other than what the player intended.
- Cards speak
- Verbal comments are binding
- Players must be seated before it is their turn to act or the hand is dead
- Chips stay on the table and must be visible to all players. Higher denomination visible to all
- Players may not comment about a live hand
- Dealing
  - During seat assignment person who picks the Ace deals until knocked-out unless other player offers to deal
  - If you dealt the previous month, and do not want to deal again, draw again
  - During the game person with the dealer button shuffles the second deck
  - If a person deals 3 full or 6 partial games or a combination thereof they get to enter the next game for free
  - When starting the dealer button will be placed in seat one
  - When consolidating, dealer button will be redrawn
  - The posting of the blinds marks the start for a deal
- Misdeals
  - 2 or more boxed cards on the initial deal
  - First card dealt to the wrong seat
  - Cards dealt to a seat not entitled to a hand
  - A seat entitled to a hand is dealt out
  - Either of the first 2 cards dealt off the deck or any other 2 down cards are exposed by dealer error.
  - If a misdeal is declared, the re-deal is an exact re-play: the button does not move, no new players are seated, and limits stay the same.
  - If substantial action occurs, a misdeal cannot be declared and the hand must proceed.
- Substantial Action
  - Any two actions in turn, at least one of which puts chips in the pot (i.e. any 2 actions except 2 checks or 2 folds);     
  - Any combination of three actions in turn (check, bet, raise, call, fold).
- Action out of turn (OOT) is subject to penalty and is binding if the action to the OOT player has not changed. A check, call or fold does not change action.  If action changes, the OOT bet is not binding and is returned to the OOT player who has all options including: calling, raising, or folding.  An OOT fold is binding.
- A player skipped by OOT action must defend his right to act.  If there is reasonable time and the skipped player has not spoken up by the time substantial action OOT occurs to his left, the OOT action is binding.  The TD will be called to render a decision on how to treat the skipped hand.
- Any raise must be at least as large as the original bet or raise, unless a player is all in and cannot raise the minimum amount.  If a player raises 50% or more of the previous bet but less than the minimum raise, he must make a full raise. The raise will be exactly the minimum raise allowed.
- One Chip Rule:  if a player puts out a single chip (even a high valued one) into a pot after a bet, it is a call, unless player announced a raise
- String bet: A bet such that a player uses two separate motions to make a bet or more than one statement about the wager. String bets are illegal as they may help the player get a read on their opponent
- Players are entitled to a reasonable estimation of an opponent's chip count; thus chips should be kept in countable stacks (10 or 20 stacks), Higher denomination chips must be visible and identifiable at all times.
- Face Up for All-Ins: All hands will be tabled without delay once a player is all-in and all betting action by all other players in the hand is complete. No player who is either all-in or has called all betting action may muck his hand without tabling. All hands in both the main and sidepot(s) must be tabled and are live.
- Asking to See a Hand: Players not still in possession of their cards at showdown, or who have mucked face down without tabling their cards, lose any rights or privileges they may have to ask to see any hand.
- If a player calls the clock,  the player under the clock will have 30 seconds to make a decision.  Any player at the table can call the clock.
- Straddle for UTG are authorized
- To balance tables, the player who will be big blind next is moved to the worst position, including taking a single big blind when available, even if that means the seat will have the big blind twice.  Players going from a broken table to fill in seats assume the responsibilities of the position. They can get any seat including the big or small blind or button. The only place they cannot be dealt a hand is between the small blind and the button.
- Heads-up Button: The small blind is the button and acts first before the flop and last after the flop. The player who does not have the button is dealt the first playing card
- We may be testing different blind levels between tournament , including re-introducing antes
- Tournament Director (TD) has final say on all decisions

- Poker Rules can be found here
- Picture of the group can be found here

Prize Pool for Events
- 1 Table (Up to 12 players): 50%, 30%, 20%
- 2 Table (13-20 players): 40%, 30%,  20%, 10%

- 1 $5 bounty for knocking-out the previous month winner (no matter if the bounty target re-buys)
- Bounty cannot be won by bounty target
- If previous month winner wins again and did not get knocked out during the re-buy period , bounty carries over to the  following month
- If bounty target does not attend the next tournament bounty is held until bounty comes back
- Any unclaimed bounty at the end of the season gets applied to the championship purse

- There are at least $45 per game (TD discretion)
  - $5 - Aces Cracked: Getting beat when you have pocket Aces
  - $5 - King Cracked: Getting beat when you have pocket Kings
  - $5 - Queens Cracked: Getting beat when you have pocket Queens
  - $5 - Quads Cracked:  Getting Quads beat when you have a pocket pair that completed quads
  - $5 - Big stack with no rebuys at the first break (must have a rebuy chip left)
  - $5 - The Worst Starting Hand: Bluff: Winning a hand with 7-2 off-suit in the hole
  - $5 - The Computer Hand: Winning a hand with Q-7 off suit in the hole
  - $5 - Doyle Brunson:  Winning a hand with 10♠ 2♠ in the hole
- Have to show and play the hand to the end

Special Chips
- 1 Show’em chip that can be used at any time to ask a player to see  his hand
  - The chip is then given to the player who had to show his hand
  - If player refuses he must relinquish his Show’em chip(s), if player used it to see another player’s hand , then he  show his hand
  - All Show’em chip chips will be removed from play when the game is down to the last four players
- 1 Rabbit hunt chip per player to run out the rest of the hand even though the actual hand has concluded
  - Chip will then be taken out of play after being used
  - Additional chips can be purchased for $1 (during breaks, not during play)
  - Money collected will be added to bonuses funds
  - Remaining Rabbit hunt chips will be removed from play when the game is down to the last four players
- 1 Bounty Chip per player to be used when a player gets knocked-out
  - The chip is then given to the winning player
  - The player will use the chip(s) to count knock-outs when he leaves
  - The player will receive another chip if he re-buys

Schedule (Subject to Change)
- Game 9 – November 17th
- Qualifying Satellite - TBD
- Championship Texas Hold’em  - December 8th

Points schedule
- Points will be used to qualify for the championship
- Points pool will be awarded for the top 3 point leaders
- You must play in at least 7 events to be eligible in any year-end bonuses, irrespective point total.
- Points will be awarded to players according to the following schedule:
  - 1st - 65 points
  - 2nd - 55 points
  - 3rd - 45 points
  - 4th - 40 points
  - 5th - 35 points
  - 6th - 30 points
  - 7th - 25 points
  - 8th - 20 points
  - 9th - 15 points
  - 10th to 20th - 10 points
- Other Points
  - Earn 2 addtl point per knockout
  - Re-buy lose 10 points
  - Earn 10 points for responding on the first week of the invite (up to Sunday that week) and not canceling.
  - Lose:
   - 20 points for canceling within a week of the tourney (Monday-Wednesday)
   - 40 points for canceling within 2 days (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)
   - 60 points for no shows (Saturday)
- Two no shows with no call is an automatic ban from the league

Points leaders
- Prizes will be awarded to the top points winners for the season based on the following schedule:
 - 1st - 50%
 - 2nd - 30%
 - 3rd - 20%
- You must play in at least 7 events to qualify for points Leader Money, irrespective point total
- No shows will automatically remove you from eligibility.

Championship Tournament
- Field: 12 players
- The top 12 players in points
- You must play in at least 7 events to qualify for the Championship Tournament, irrespective point total
- If more than 12 players qualify we will open the table to 16 players
- Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 for 1 table/Top 4 for two tables
- No shows will automatically remove you from eligibility. 
- If you have not met the minimum requirement to play in the championship and there are seats available you can:
 -  buy-into a single table satellite event for $60
 - $20 will be for the satellite game and $40 will go the championship
 - You must have played 5 or more game to enter the satellite
 - If not enough player are available for the satellite, you will then be allowed to buy in the championship for $60 in order of requirements met


- Invitation is sent approximately two weeks prior to each games
- We use punchbowl as the invitation website.  I recommend you get an account with them which allows you to check if we sent an invite in case you are having email problems. 
- Responding to the Invitation is required (we need to know for planning purposes).  YES/NO/DECIDE LATER
- If you do not respond twice you will be dropped from the playing roster, you can request to be re-added once.
- Maximum numbers of players:  Seats fill out and we cap at 18.  If we already hit the maximum number of attendees the system will not allow you to respond yes.  Answer “decide later” or leave a note on the message board and we will contact you if a seat opens-up
- If we have a low number of response  within a week of the game we may cap the game at one table to avoid having two short tables
- If you are a couple make sure you either both respond or respond for both (Punchbowl allows you to answer for your significant other)
- Inviting people:  The Invitation will not allow you to add people or +1, If you want to invite another person please request to have them added by sending an email to Keir or Max.  You are responsible for your guest, if you do not know the person well do not invite them.
- You have to be 21 or older to play