The Six Dollar Bordeaux: ~ Chef ~

 6:47 A.M. I cannot think of a better time to start writing about wine. External forces have kept me from this article for too long and I can no longer bear the pressure from our managing editor to submit. As I hear all too often from him “ZER WILL BE ORDER”.

My byline will tell you I am “Chef”. I generally am more concerned about the cooking then the drinking.  I cook. I smell. I taste. I eat. I think. When I am ready I write. I am newer to wine than my peers here at Az Wine Group, and while my colleagues have all experienced first growth Bordeaux and only see fit to journal their latest conquest or single vineyard masterpiece, it is my intention to write about my offbeat wine adventures and hopefully a few great bottles.

In pursuit of a 375 ml dark green bottle to store my leftover “Vin de Jour” I found this: Bordeaux Superieur from Chateau Bois Redon (2006) {$6}. Faced with the task of emptying the bottle for future use I chose a glass to sample the contents.

The Bois Redon blend is 75% Merlot 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. Grown and produced at the chateau near Saint-Emilion this wine is fruit forward, and ready to drink today.

Served: 68 degrees, directly from bottle to glass.

Color: Deep Garnet with a tongue that fades to pink and leaves a thin watery meniscus.
Nose: Microbiological typical of Bordeaux (read: Sweat and Time), Cherry, Black Pepper, (This is not a complex wine)
Flavor: Jammy with light tannins.
Food Pairing: Anything from hot dogs to osso bucco (At six bucks  {$10 for 750 ml} who cares, just pour and enjoy.)

This is an in-expensive wine that you can drink alone or serve to friends and pass off as legitimate Bordeaux. I it is my opinion that while this is not a wine of extraordinary quality it is an excellent value and is as good as most $20-$30 Bordeaux style blends out of California. Buy as many bottles as you want to drink over the next 4 years. You won’t be disappointed. As Bordeaux has been having record breaking vintages as of late, I would venture to say the future wines from Bois Redon will be equally good if not better.

(Per my editor I am not allowed to give a score, but if I were…. It would be 88)